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Introducing the travel pillow set the take the world by storm-the Doctor designed and approved Travel Pillow Plus. This revolutionary creation is so much more than just your average travel pillow.

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About Dr. D's Travel Pillow
  • Doctor Designed & Approved

  • Contoured high density memory foam

  • Bamboo fiber ("Green fiber")

  • Anti-microbial/anti-bacterial

  • Hoodie provides extra comfort & privacy

  • Doctor Designed & Approved

  • Contoured high density memory foam

  • Bamboo fiber ("Green fiber")

  • Anti-microbial/anti-bacterial

  • Hoodie provides extra comfort & privacy



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What makes us better

Competitors (microbeads, inflatable, buckwheat, low-density foam etc.)

Contoured High Density Memory Foam

  • conform to and cradles your neck, head, shoulders, jaw and facial regions providing optimal support and comfort
  • prevents "bobbing" of the head and maintains a neutral posture, reducing strain on mucles/joints
  • alleviates pressure points associated with neck pain and headaches
  • maintains shape and support throughout and does not require continuous adjustment
  • returns to original shape after every u

Non-Conforming/Less supportive

  • alllows head to drop/"bob" in all directions, unable to maintain a neutral posture
  • microbeads and buckwheat have a tendency to sag after extended use and will leave a depression in the pillow
  • microbeads, buckwheat, inflatables and low quality memory foam all require constant adjustments

Cover made with bamboo fiber ("Green Fiber")



Bacteria and fungi will be able to grow

Breathable/cool Odourless

  • the cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, allowing for better moisture absorption and ventilation - great for patient with respiratory sensitivities or asthma

Non-breathable/hot material

  • most memory foam competitors have an unpleasant lingering odour

Non-irritating on skin/Hypoallergenic

Possible skin irritation

Moisture wicking

Will retain moisture and sweat

"Hoodie" Design

  • provides extra comfort and warmth allowing for more


What People Say

Some Words from Our Happy Customers



  • I love my Dr. D's Travel Pillow Plus! I use it every night as I wind down with a good book or in front of the TV; the pillow has literally become part of my living room decor! Dr. D's Travel Pillow Plus provides excellent support for my neck, and as a chiropractor, this is very important to me. I recommend this product to my patients, especially those who suffer from neck pain, headaches, or who have a habit of slouching while seated. The memory foam allows for more neck support than traditional travel pillows on the market, and it is light and durable enough to be used in many settings, not just while traveling!


    - Daniella A, Toronto

  • The Dr. D’s travel pillow is absolutely amazing. I can’t travel without it. I not only use it on the plane or on other forms of travel, but I also take it to the beach and use it while I’m lying in the sun.This pillow has made my travelling more comfortable and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, not just for travel but for home use as well.


    - Anna L, Vaughan

  • I am an avid traveler and have tried many neck pillows, but Dr. D's Travel Pillow Plus is by far my favourite. It keeps me comfortable whether I'm sleeping or reading, and the hoodie helps to keep me warm on the airplane. I do not travel without it!


    - Anna D, Vaughan

  • I’ve been suffering with chronic neck pain and stiffness for years. Sitting for prolonged periods makes my symptoms worse, especially when travelling and have not been able to find a comfortable travel pillow until Dr. D’s. I will not travel without it as it keeps my head and neck in a safe and relaxed position while alleviating symptoms. It’s also become my new best friend on the couch!! Thank you!


    - Samuel M, Toronto

  • Dr. D’s has made my travelling so much easier and comfortable. The Travel Pillow Plus actually supports my head and neck, which in turn helps me fall asleep and wake up refreshed!


    - Joseph B, London, England


How does the Travel Pillow Plus differ from all the rest?

Dr. D’s Travel Pillow Plus provides all the best features in one pillow: comfort, support, it’s hypoallergenic / anti-bacterial, it has a hoodie for added warmth and, privacy and it’s suitable for home use in addition to travel.

What does it mean when you say the pillow is “contoured”?

That means that the pillow conforms to and cradles your neck, head, shoulders, and facial region, providing optimal support and comfort. This also means it prevents “bobbing” of the head and maintains a neutral posture.

Does the pillow change shape after use?

No, the travel pillow will return to its original shape after every use.

Is it true the travel pillow can alleviate headaches?

Yes! It alleviates pressure points and muscle tension associated with neck pain and headaches.

What material is the Travel Pillow Plus made of?

The cover is made with bamboo fibre. The cross-section of the fibre is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, which allows for better moisture absorption and ventilation. This makes it great for patients with respiratory sensitivities or asthma. The bamboo is also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.The Core Pillow is made with non-toxic and odorless memory foam.

Are there different sizes available?

The Travel Pillow Plus is a one-size fits all model. It is recommended for all ages.

Is the cover washable?

Yes. There is a zipper at the back to allow easy removal. Please refer to the label for washing instructions.

Is the Travel Pillow Plus available in different colors?

At the moment we do not offer other colors as we do not want to alter the effects of the Bamboo fibre.