Arnica Montana: Harnessing the power of a flower

Over the past decade, I’ve been doing extensive research and trying to find the most effective combination of natural ingredients to help with pain relief and healing. At the same time, I noticed most of my patients were wanting to avoid popping pills and move toward topical, natural pain relievers.

So, I developed a topical treatment, Dr. D’s Super 7. In this seven-part series, I will breakdown each of the seven natural ingredients in the ointment and why they’re effective in treating pain and helping with recovery.

Arnica Montana is said to be the most commonly used homeopathic medicine in the world. I chose to include it in Dr. D’s Super 7 because:

1. It’s antibacterial 
In its natural form, it can be use on open wounds to prevent infection. For someone who’s had an external injury, it helps relieve skin irritation.

2. It minimizes swelling 
Arnica Montana helps with sprains, strains, blisters and even reduces bruising. It’s also known to help with arthritis; It goes to the source of inflammation.

3. Right from a flower
You’ll commonly see synthetic arnica in topical treatments, but Arnica Montana oil is straight from a flower. It’s 100% pure. This is one thing I made sure of for Dr. D’s Super 7 because I wanted the consumer to make sure they were getting the best of the best.

The next natural ingredient in Dr. D's Super 7 is peppermint
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