Polyshield Technology™ is a unique process whereby polyphenols(antioxidants) are extracted from the pomegranate peel and are used to shield vitamins and minerals, resulting in increased potency, enhanced absorption and sustained release, hence revolutionizing the way vitamins and minerals are delivered to the body!

The Power is in the Peel™

Polyshield Technology™ stems from the pomegranate peel, which research shows is packed with polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidants that exist in certain plant-based foods and contain anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. There are many scientific studies demonstrating the health benefits of pomegranate extracts including antibacterial, antiviral, blood lipid lowering and anti-inflammatory properties. The peel accounts for roughly 60% of the pomegranate fruit, and possesses more antioxidant activity than its seeds, juice and pulp.

Polyphenols extracted from the pomegranate peel are used in this shielding technology to protect the vitamins and minerals. The shield formed protects the core molecules and reduces interaction with the enzymatic reactions involved in metabolism. Due to its optimal stability, the shield allows its nutrients to remain protected as they travel through something called First-Pass metabolism, which is breakdown by the liver. Therefore, POLYSHIELD TECHNOLOGY serves as a better alternative delivery system for improved absorption of vitamins and minerals compared to the current technologies.

Pilot study demonstrating the absorption of Dr. D’s Vitamin D3 plus K2 compared to placebo

Pilot Study Utilizing Polyshield TechnologyTM

Objective: To compare the blood concentration of vitamin D in subjects taking Vitamin D3 plus K2 capsules (powered by Polyshield Technology™) to those taking placebo.

Methods: A placebo- controlled trial in which two groups, of three subjects each, are involved.

Group 1: Received the vitamin D3 capsules of 1000-1500 IU

Group 2: Received placebo

Subject Inclusion criteria:

Healthy, non-smoking, non-alcoholic male human subjects aged between 20 and 40 years, subjects with a BMI between 19 – 25kg/m2 and body weight not less than 50.00kg, subjects willing to limit direct sunlight exposure at least 10 days before the first dose, subjects ready to avoid most dairy products, vitamin D-fortified foods, and foods known to be high in vitamin D, subjects with negative urine screen result for drugs of abuse.

Subject Exclusion criteria:

Known hypersensitivity to vitamin D or any of its analogues and derivatives, subjects who had received active vitamin D compounds or a high dose of vitamin D within 30 days before study entry, subjects with major illness during the 90 days before screening and subjects with abnormal diet patterns during the four weeks preceding the study, including fasting, high protein diets etc.


• After an overnight fast, blood levels of vitamin D were measured in both groups.

• Group 1/Vitamin D Treatment Group was given the treatment capsule (1000-1500IU of Vitamin

D3) in the morning after food.

• Group 2/Placebo Group was given a placebo in the morning after food.

This treatment continued for two weeks and blood samples of all six subjects were collected and evaluated for vitamin D levels on the 7th day and again on the 14th day. 

The Endocrine Society states that for clinical practice, blood concentration of vitamin D of more than 75 nmol/L is necessary to maximize the effect of vitamin D on calcium, bone and muscle health. By the end of the 2nd week of treatment, Group 1 had an average of 79.4 nmol/L of vitamin D blood concentration. One subject reached as high as 86.5 nmol/L by the end of the study.


Conclusion: The blood levels of vitamin D3 increased in the group treated with Dr. D’s Vitamin D3 plus K2 with Polyshield Technology™ whereas the placebo group did not show a difference from the initial values. The results illustrate the enhanced absorption of Dr. D’s Vitamin D3 plus K2 powered by Polyshield Technology™.