The Problem: CBD’s Poor Oral Bioavailability

Consumers are accustomed to the oral route of consuming CBD. Unfortunately, it is currently an ineffective method as studies show the oral bioavailability of CBD is anywhere between 6-20%. This is because when you consume CBD orally, it must pass through your digestive system before it ever reaches your bloodstream, known as first pass metabolism. This is a slow process (taking up to 2 hours in some people) and during it, some of the CBD (which is fat-soluble and therefore, harder for your body to absorb) gets lost to the liver and digestive system. This means that there is a longer wait for the CBD to take effect, and it is not as effective as it could be (since so much is lost to the liver).

Oral ingestion of CBD, with the proper technology to bypass this obstacle of poor bioavailability, is an ideal method of delivery. This is exactly what we have achieved with our technology.

The Solution: Phyto-isochronal Technology

The Future of CBD Delivery

Research has shown that compositions comprising of CBD combined with other phytochemicals actually provides excellent stability, bioavailability, and overall therapeutic effects.

A unique innovation known as Phyto-Isochronal Technology™ involves a phyto-synergistic formulation containing CBD isolates, Guggul (Commiphora mukul) extracts and turmeric extracts (Curcuma longa) in a lipid matrix with a sustained release delivery in a soft gel capsule. It is an effective time-bound system which releases the active molecules and their effects at equal time intervals. It can be used with different combinations of cannabinoids, and is effective with or without phytochemicals to increase bioavailability.

Therefore, this unique technology solves the problem of CBD’s low oral bioavailability while providing sustained release such as found in the most effective form of consumption (inhalation), without the side effects of smoking.

The following methods are able to boost the bioavailability of CBD using Phyto-Isochronal Technology™:

Compositions comprising a combination of CBD and at least one phytochemical compound in a lipid matrix: The phytochemical used can be selected from: Guggul extract (Commiphora mukul), turmeric extract (Curcuma longa), ginger extract (Zingiber officinale), Boswellia serrata extract, or combinations of them in a lipid matrix.

Specifically, the method comprises of:

a) mixing at least one phytochemical with cannabidiol in a lipid matrix;

b) formulating the composition in a pharmaceutically acceptable form.

This application provides powerful anti-inflammatory activity and can be used in preventing or treating inflammation, pain, catalepsy, epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, gastric disorders, and/or enhancing immunity.

Unique Sustained Release Factor

Sustained release systems allow for actives to be released over a prolonged period of time, meaning the frequency of the dose can be decreased which aids in compliance. It also allows blood levels of CBD to remain within the “therapeutic window”- the range which is a safe concentration but great enough to actually cause a desired effect.

In contrast, formulations which immediately release are sharply or quickly absorbed in the bloodstream but remain in the therapeutic range for a short period of time. Therefore, more frequent dosing is required. Increased frequency of dosing is associated with lower compliance rates; especially in chronic pain patients who require continual or long-term treatment.

Benefits of Phyto-Isochronal TechnologyTM

• Enhanced Bioavailability and Bioefficacy

Therefore, the consumer will require a smaller dose to obtain greater therapeutic effects

• Sustained Release Delivery System

Not sharply absorbed or quickly eliminated meaning, the consumer will require less frequent dosing, which is associated with greater compliance to treatment

• High Biological Stability

• Therapeutic Benefits

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-insomnia, anti-spasmodic, anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, digestive and immune support

Pilot Study incorporating Phyto-Isochronal TechnologyTM 

Objective: To compare the blood concentration of CBD in subjects taking Dr. D’s CBD Curcumin Plus (powered by Phyto-Isochronal Technology™) to those taking Standard CBD. 

Methods: A standard- tested trial, in which two groups, of three subjects each, are involved.  

Group 1 Received the active treatment (Dr. D’s CBD Curcumin Plus (powered by Phyto-Isochronal Technology™). 

Group 2 Received the Standard CBD treatment.  

Everything else was held the same between the two groups 

Subject Inclusion Criteria: 

Healthy, non-smoking, non-alcoholic male human subjects aged between 20 and 40 years, subjects with a BMI between 19-25kg/m2 and body weight not less than 50.00kg, subjects willing to avoid cannabis containing food for at 10 days before the first dose, subjects ready to avoid most dairy products, subjects willing to adhere to the protocol requirements and to provide written informed consent. 

Subject Exclusion Criteria: 

Pregnant women, smokers, alcoholics, known hypersensitivity to CBD or any of its analogues and derivatives, subjects who have received active CBD compounds or a high dose of CBD within 30 days before study entry, subjects with major illness during the 90 days before screening and subjects with abnormal diet patterns during the four weeks preceding the study, including fasting, a high protein diet, etc. 


After an overnight fast of at least 10 hours, the blood concentration values of CBD were measured in all subjects of both groups before the treatment started. Each subject in Group 1 was given the active treatment. In the same way, each subject in Group 2 was given the standard CBD treatment. 

Blood concentration values of CBD were measured in all subjects at specific intervals between 0 and 6 hours. The mean blood concentration value of CBD at each time interval in each group are listed in Table 1.1. 


The area under the active treatment group is greater than the standard treatment group with a fold change of 3.6608541. 

Thus, the active treatment (CBD powered by Phyto-Isochronal TechnologyTM) provides 3.6 times greater bioavailability compared to standard CBD.