Boosting Supplement Absorption–Naturally

Turmeric is an ancient spice famous for its natural, powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Consumers want to know if the turmeric supplements they are taking are effective. The answer to that is simple:

Absorption of active ingredients = benefits!

Turmeric (and more specifically its most potent active ingredient, curcumin) has notoriously been poorly absorbed by the human gut….UNTIL NOW.

Our cutting-edge technology is the best way to absorb turmeric.

How does Dr. D’s Ultra BioTurmeric increase curcumin absorption? Through our innovative PNS technology that relies on the scientific principles of polarity.

  • To put in simplest terms: a molecule can be characterized as “polar” or “non-polar”. This has to do with electrical charge or symmetry of its structure.
    • When polar molecules meet other polar molecules, they merge, just as when non-polar molecules meet other non-polar molecules.
    • When polar molecules meet non-polar molecules, however, they REJECT each other (an example of this phenomena is water and oil...they just don’t mix!)

CURCUMIN IS NON-POLAR while our intestines favour transport of POLAR MOLECULES; therefore, curcumin does not cross through the intestines to be absorbed in the bloodstream easily.

How does our Polar Non-polar Sandwiching (PNS) Technology work?

By using a “soup and sandwich” model to improve absorption: 

The “Soup”: Scientists extract 3 powerful components of raw turmeric: curcuminoid, turmeric essential oil and water extract of turmeric to make a polar and non-polar “soup.”

Then, the “Sandwich”: Scientists recreate the natural matrix of turmeric ingredients in a way that “sandwiches” the active components of the “soup” and enables them to penetrate the intestines and reach the bloodstream!

Benefits of PNS technology:

  • Enhances turmeric/curcumin absorption
  • Made from the 100% turmeric root nutrition
  • Additive and adjunct free, enabling organic label
  • Allows controlled release of molecules (ie. it stays in your bloodstream around the clock)

Science says…

Dr. D’s Ultra BioTurmeric, a 100% turmeric-based supplement created with PNS technology, exhibited 10-fold increase of free curcumin in blood plasma compared to standard 95% curcumin, according to research published in Material Science and Engineering.

Interested in learning more? Link to full article here.

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 * Article Summarized by Dr. Daniella Astorino

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