Menthol: Three things you need to know about this natural ingredient

Over the past decade, I’ve been doing extensive research and trying to find the most effective combination of natural ingredients to help with pain relief and healing. At the same time, I noticed most of my patients were wanting to avoid popping pills and move toward topical, natural pain relievers.

So, I developed a topical treatment, Dr. D’s Super 7. In this seven-part series, I will breakdown each of the seven natural ingredients in the ointment and why they’re effective in treating pain and helping with recovery.

Menthol is an ingredient most people are familiar with and is commonly seen in topical pain relievers. It was an important ingredient to include not only because of its proven track record but also because…

1. It works instantly
The moment you apply it, you’ll feel the menthol at work immediately. I wanted to make sure the patient feels the sensation.

2. It allows for a cooling sensation
It has a nice numbing effect that works as a counter-irritant and blocks the feeling of pain.

3. It complements oil of wintergreen
Oil of wintergreen is also a counter-irritant but has a nice warming effect. And menthol has a cooling effect. When you do that to the nervous system, the end result is more blood supply (and therefore, faster healing)!

The next natural ingredient in Dr. D's Super 7 is MSM.
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