MSM: Why it’s considered a “miracle supplement”

Over the past decade, I’ve been doing extensive research and trying to find the most effective combination of natural ingredients to help with pain relief and healing. At the same time, I noticed most of my patients were wanting to avoid popping pills and move toward topical, natural pain relievers.

So, I developed a topical treatment, Dr. D’s Super 7. In this seven-part series, I will breakdown each of the seven natural ingredients in the ointment and why they’re effective in treating pain and helping with recovery.

MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane and it’s an organic sulfur compound. It’s been used for years and called the “miracle supplement” for joint issues because…

  1. It helps restore body tissue
    MSM works to restore healthy tissue after an injury. It does this by speeding up the process of building scar tissue (or collagen tissue).

  2. Helps with muscle spasms
    Research shows it not only helps treat a muscle spasm but it also helps prevent them from happening in the first place. 
  1. Great for long-term use
    It helps slow down the osteoarthritic process. We can’t cure osteoarthritis but this is the next best thing. 

The next natural ingredient in Dr. D's Super 7 is Omega-3 Oil
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