Three things that will change the way you look at peppermint

Over the past decade, I’ve been doing extensive research and trying to find the most effective combination of natural ingredients to help with pain relief and healing. At the same time, I noticed most of my patients were wanting to avoid popping pills and move toward topical, natural pain relievers.

So, I developed a topical treatment, Dr. D’s Super 7. In this seven-part series, I will breakdown each of the seven natural ingredients in the ointment and why they’re effective in treating pain and helping with recovery.

Peppermint is widely available and you don’t need to genetically modify it in order for it to be effective. Here are three reasons why I’m a fan of it as a natural ingredient…

1. It stimulates blood flow
One of its main claims to fame is that it stimulates blood flow. In the past, it was used on wounds that weren’t healing.

2. It provides pain relief from headaches
Try applying Dr. D’s Super 7 to your forehead when experiencing a headache or migraine. You’ll see first-hand how effective the peppermint helps.

3. Used as an alternative medicine for treating a variety of other issues
Peppermint can be used to treat digestive issues (which is also why peppermint tea is so popular!) In addition, ingesting peppermint oil can help with nausea and heartburn.


The next natural ingredient in Dr. D's Super 7 is eucalyptus.

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