Turmeric’s Anti-Viral Properties

What is a Virus?

A virus is an infectious microbe. It is the smallest of all microbes; some strains are said to be approximately the size of the head of a pin!

Viruses are made up of genetic material (DNA or RNA) which is surrounded by a protein matrix (called a capsid) which protects the material inside. The capsid is able to attach to other living cells and invade them. This is precisely what makes viruses unique compared to other microbes: they are only able to survive inside other living entities. The cell that they invade and multiply within is called a “host cell.”

As ominous as it may be, a virus’ only goal is to create more virus. Because it cannot replicate on its own, it requires the host cell’s equipment to replicate and once that is complete, the new virus particles either “bud” or “burst” out of the host cell to infect more host cells. This vicious cycle continues infecting new cells and- as you can imagine- the consequential infection can ensue quite rapidly.

Because of its complexity in that it invades and takes over healthy cells, it is very difficult to prevent and treat viral infections compared to infections caused by other microorganisms. Numerous studies have been conducted to investigate the potential use of natural (and ancient) remedies, such as turmeric, as a preventative and therapeutic option for viral infections.

Turmeric has Anti-Viral Properties?!

Yes, turmeric (mostly through its main medicinal component, curcumin) has anti-viral properties. This may come as a shock to you as turmeric is most famous for its anti-inflammatory capabilities; however, research is showing it has powerful effects against everything from skin disorders to cancers. In fact, because of its wide range of biological and potential pharmacological assets, it is often nicknamed “cure-cumin.”

Antiviral activity has been witnessed against several different viruses including: hepatitis, influenza, Zika, herpes simplex, HIV and HPV. The antiviral activity seems to work in different ways, to different degrees, in each type of virus. To summarize quite simply, across the aforementioned viruses, curcumin has been shown to:

  • inhibit viral gene expression
  • inhibit entry into the host cell
  • and/or inhibit replication

Knowing a little more about viruses given the above description, you can appreciate how any one of those actions would be able to either prevent or slow down the rate at which a virus spreads/infects.

At Dr. D’s, we thrive on our promise to deliver the most up-to-date research. The latest research on turmeric’s anti-viral properties has to do with the global fight against the health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Preliminary research is investigating curcumin’s action as an inhibitor of the virus in human host cells, as well as its potential as an agent to reduce respiratory distress associated with COVID-19. This has implications for the inhibition of the transmission of COVID-19, and also in the treatment of this sometimes debilitating or life-threatening infection.

The Dr. D’s Ultra BioTurmeric Difference

There are thousands of studies that support the multiple therapeutic effects of turmeric, but one thing remains the same: the conclusions of the studies always point out major obstacles to applying the power of turmeric to pharmacological and therapeutic use. The roadblocks are always that it has low bioavailability and is rapidly metabolized in the body, resulting in no observable effects in many clinical trials.

Until now.

Dr. D’s Ultra BioTurmeric’s ground-breaking technology, called PNS technology, involves an advanced extraction process that retrieves the highly beneficial turmeric root nutrients (including curcumin), preserves them, and repackages them inside a complete natural turmeric matrix. It has been clinically shown to remain in the bloodstream for up to 24 hours (in other words, it solved the problem of rapid metabolism) and exhibits 14 times greater absorption compared to standard curcumin (meaning, it solved the problem of bioavailability). Dr. D’s Ultra BioTurmeric has been clinically shown to unlock turmeric’s full medicinal potential.

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