Dr. D's: The Story Behind the Brand

At Dr. D’s we are extremely proud to deliver high quality products that are based on the latest and most extensive research with the ultimate goal of helping to prevent disease, decrease pain and improve quality of life.

We are closer now more than ever to reaching that goal with our line-up of high-quality products, including our full-spectrum turmeric supplement, Dr. D's Ultra BioTurmeric, Dr. D's Super 7 Enhanced Topical Pain Relief, Dr. D's Pure Hemp Seed Oil, and Dr. D's Vitamin D3 plus K2 using a revolutionary delivery technology called PolyShield.

My journey to this point can be traced back to my second year of chiropractic school when my beloved mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Watching her suffer in pain and desperately wanting to help her inspired me not only to study to the best of my ability, but to look outside the box as well. 

One of my mother’s oncologists told me that her body was “full of inflammation.” This really stuck with me. When she passed, I made a commitment to aid in the relief of pain and improve the quality of life in as many lives as possible.

After graduating I opened my own multi-disciplinary clinic, creating comprehensive treatment plans designed on an individual basis where my patients were (and still are!) an active participant in their recovery. 

Early in my career, I began to take a keen interest in finding ways to help my patients complement treatment while at home. 

I also quickly discovered that the majority of my patients were dealing with chronic pain from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, and that these conditions were linked to inflammation. 

This, and remembering what my mother’s oncologist had said, lead me down a path of rigorous research into inflammation, the role it plays in chronic disease and pain, and how to prevent it. 

Turmeric and its powerful medicinal properties soon became a forefront of this research and I gained so much knowledge that I was compelled to write a book, The Power of Turmeric.

After years of dedication and research, the Dr. D’s brand was born!

I am exceptionally proud to bring you our latest innovation, a vitamin supplement using a revolutionary technology called PolyShield™, which will change the way vitamins and minerals are delivered to the body, breaking through the barrier of poor absorption. Our goal is to deliver optimal benefits from these vital nutrients.

My personal mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare products aimed to improve quality of life, alleviate pain and prevent disease. 

Stay tuned as I have so much more in store for you!


Dr. Fabio Di Stefano

President & CEO