Frequently Asked Questions- Dr. D's Vitamin D3 plus K2

I notice your Vitamin D3 only contains 1000 IUs, but I hear we should be having upwards of 5000 IUs per day. How do you account for this?

Unless you have a confirmed deficiency or your own health care professional has told you otherwise, the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) according to Health Canada for most adults is around 1000 IUs. In fact, the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) per day (ie. the highest daily level of intake that is likely to pose no risk of negative health effects in most individuals) is 4000 IUs, also according to Health Canada:

All our products contain unique delivery systems which provide greater absorption and sustained release compared to other supplements; ensuring you get the best quality product that stays in your bloodstream longer. Absorption/bioavailability should always be questioned when considering a supplement. Other supplements may need to add higher levels of D3 to their product in order to make up for lower absorption. You can also refer to our blog to learn why in most situations, less is more:

I have seen D3 in liquid form. Why would I take your capsules instead?

Our product is offered in capsule form because it is the most stable way of delivering the vitamins to the bloodstream and then the target sites of the body. This stability is what allows for its advanced absorption and sustained 

release. Sustained release is important because it allows the vitamins to be released over a prolonged period of time, meaning that they won’t be metabolized quickly and excreted from your body shortly after you take the supplement. Sustained release of vitamins is not as evident when administered in a liquid form. Therefore, with our supplement you are absorbing more and reaping optimal benefits from the powerful vitamins within.

What is PolyShield TechologyTM?

PolyShield TechnologyTM is a unique formula which will revolutionize vitamin and mineral supplementation by providing enhanced absorption and sustained release. This innovative technology stems from the pomegranate fruit. Extracts of the pomegranate, specifically the peel, are packed with antioxidants. PolyShield Technology involves the extraction of these special pomegranate peel antioxidants, which are then used to shield vitamins and minerals. Due to its optimal stability, the shield allows its nutrients to remain protected as they travel through breakdown by the liver, resulting in:
- Increased potency
- Enhanced absorption
- Sustained release

What are the health benefits of vitamin D3?

Vitamin D is a vital contributor to overall health. Vitamin D is famous for its critical role in healthy bone development and maintenance, but it is also an immune supporter and inflammation reducer. Vitamin D comes in two forms; vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 . Humans obtain vitamin D3 from a few animal-sourced foods and sunlight. Vitamin D2 comes mainly from plant-based 

sources. Without enough vitamin D in the body, calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood start to decrease, which leads to calcium being leeched out of the bones to help maintain levels within the blood. This can lead to rickets in children and osteoporosis (fragile bones) in adults. It is hard to naturally obtain adequate amounts of vitamin D from food alone, and considering our long winters and lifestyle factors which keep us from being outdoors, supplementation of vitamin D is highly recommended.

Why vitamin D3 and not D2?

Research supports that D3 tends to raise blood levels of the vitamin more and remains in the bloodstream longer than D2. Plus, it seems to be preferred among experts as it is the form that is already found naturally within the body.

What is vitamin K2?

Vitamin K is primarily responsible for heart health and bone health. Specifically, the body requires vitamin K to produce a very important protein, prothrombin, which helps blood to clot. Vitamin K2 (specifically menaquinone-7, the predominant form of vitamin K2 found in our product) also provides both an increase in the bone-building process and a decrease in the bone-loss process making it an important component of overall bone health. Research has shown that the combination of vitamins K and D can significantly increase the total Bone Mineral Density (a measure of how strong your bones are), with a better effect when K2 is used. For more information on this important vitamin, please see our blog: What is vitamin K?